The Holidays

With the holidays literally right around the corner Here are some things the little kiddos may like to see under the Tree
We got these two things for my six year olds Birthday and he absolutely loved them. They laughs were the best part of it.

VetchAction 180
This little camera comes with everything a kid would need to start out and learn how to use one of the more expensive cameras.
 Bike Mount
 Adhesive mount
 USB cable
 Wrist strap
 Water proof case
 Double side adhesives

   You can literally take this camera anywhere, it has a camera lenses that can rotate 180 degrees to they can record/ take pictures of themselves and with there friends it records underwater and the adhesives will stick to just about anything.
   I know your thinking but kids are rough on toy well this little thing is durable My son’s has been dropped numerous times and not even a scratch on it i was completely amazed you can also put up to a 32gb mini sd card in it so they can take thousand of videos and pictures.

Parent Shaming

      So last night I was laying in bed after settling my two little ones down for the night and I started looking on different social media sites. Seems kinda boring right? but my house work was done and there wasn’t much else to do so there I was looking through what was popular, what topics people are discussing soon I came across all these posts,pins etc... about Breastfeeding or Bottle feeding a topic I do enjoy because I did both. 
       So I start opening pages looking to see if there is some new information to learn see if moms were sharing there stories likes and dislikes, I was hoping to comment myself having been though some things new mothers have concerns about. Well there was discussions like that but more discussions on who is right and who is wrong. 
     I seen comments on some of the posts about breastfeeding and was shocked to see what women were say things like “Breastfeeding is unnatural”
 “It shouldn’t be done in public”
 “We women only breastfeed for men’s attentio…